The Orisha

The Orisha


“ORI”- Head
“Sa” – Selected

Orisa is a selected conscious within the realm of the supreme intelligence; an expression of a cosmic archetype.

All things in the U-N-I-verse are aware and animate; even those objects that are inorganic. Everything has consciousness.

There are universal energies that govern the laws and character of the cosmos. These are called Orisa. Orisa are divine energies represented through nature’s forces.

As mentioned previously, I strongly recommend the novice diviner focus their study primarily on the concept of Ori and Egun. What I will provide is a brief description of the Orisa known as “The 7 Afrakan Powers”. These particular Orisa are commonly found in many different Orisa/Nature based traditional Afrakan spiritual systems; as well as those of the Diaspora.”

Excerpt from “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”.