Babalu Aye

18 June 2013

Babalu Aye

Lord of the World.

What does Babaluaiye have to do with Osiris, Lazarus, Anubis, and God the Father?

Babaluaiye and Oya both work with (Iku) death. Both Orisha remind of us the temporal nature of life. The lesson of this powerful Orisha is patience is a product of suffering.

It should be noted that the spiritual domain is the realm of "cause". There can not be any cause without a subsequent "effect". The Lord of the Earth (Baba Lu Aye) delivers the effect needed to balance out the causes that we make for ourselves.

Obaluaiye/BabaluAiye/Baba Lu also reminds us that our life reality is what we make of it. The response to our alleged suffering and ailments determines the quality of our lives, not the ailments or struggles, within themselves.

There are some things we can change through the power of our magic, and something have been predetermined before we dropped to the planet.

Babaluaiye is our reminder.

He also teaches us the method of healing that will affect the world on a global scale.

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Babalu Aye Blogtalk Radio Broadcast

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