Subscription Spiritual Consultations

Subscription Spiritual Consultations

Are you in the midst of transition in your life?
Are you in need of consistent spiritual consultation for an initiative or unclear season in your life?
Eye of HRU spiritual consultation services now offers and exciting new experience for those who desire to stay connected with the guidance and counsel of our spiritual guides.
Why Subscription Spiritual Consultations?
For those individuals or groups who are in need of on-going consultation or readings based on an on-going situation or initiative.
If you're in the midst of a large project or pivotal life changing experience it's important to stay attuned to your spiritual guides.

How are Subscription Spiritual Consultations done?
Once you sign up for a spiritual consultation subscription you'll be given the option to select a day and time to establish your own consistent schedule.
Whether it be weekly, monthly, or even yearly, you'll have a consistent consultation appointment designated for you.

What can we cover?
With your day and times locked in, you can receive a spiritual reading, spiritual counseling, life coaching, relationship therapy, spiritual lessons, or answers to your specific questions.

The benefit to you

  • Subscription readings are offered at at a 20% discount
  • Subscribers can uncover information about ongoing projects and ambition
  • The consultations can be coupled with our remote ritual services to insure that all the energy needed along with the spiritual insight you may need for a season is given to you.
  • For those in remote areas this service gives you consistent access to a spiritual guide.
  • A personal spiritual guide is made available to you for as long as you need allowing you to avoid the excessive cost of commercialized psychics and "gurus".

How do I sign up for Subscription Spiritual Consultations?

Sign up using our form here in order to become a subscriber of the ANU Spiritual consultation services.


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