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Embrace the learning experience of your Orisha consciousness by taking a class on the Orisha you are akin to. offers many modalities of learning through our school component It's not just enough to receive Orisha or to enven peruse the various online forums for volunteered information. The Orisha tradition is one that is imparted through Elders and trained Awo (Priest/Priestess) in a communal setting.
Many individuals begin to learn about the immense and unstoppable power of the Orisha but, are afraid to approach these natural forces with boldness because of warnings and cautionary tales from Elders who still refuse to share what was once held very secret. Coming into a new era of power and information now calls for us all to take a new posture as it pertains to information sharing and imbuing one another with the power and data that would allow us all to ride the wave of this new spiritual shift.
Learning about the Orisha is learning about yourself. The Orisha are not only natural and cosmic forces but, these energies are the potential that we all hold inside of us. The fantastic and amazing stories that we read about the feats and powers of these spiritual forces are ours, as well. We can surmount any challenge, attract all that we desire, and remove any obstacle from our life by learning the multiple components of our own self-shape. The Orisha are our selected spiritual personalities the vehicles to channel our soul force.

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Spiritual Training
The value of a spiritual personality is measured by that personalities ability to acquire and process power; not power that we typically know it as, in terms of having control over our external environment. Tue power is the ability to align with the will and flow of the supreme intelligence, Olodumare. True power exist within our consciousness and creates an empowered reality and life experience. teaches you the true power and grace of the Orisha.


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