Orunmila is known as “Eleri ipin Ibikeji Oludumare - Witness to all choice of destiny second only to The Supreme Being”. Although not the oldest of the Orisa, Orunmila was there when we decided our destinies and will know when we leave Aye, if we’ve realized those destinies or not.

Orunmila (Omniscience) is part of the Yoruba triad along with Oduduwa (omni-potency) and Obatala (omni-presence). and is the energy and concept of all knowing. Contained in the name Orunmila is the word “Orun” , which is one of the words used for heaven or the underworld. Knowing the word “Orun” is used for heaven, it makes sense that Orunmila is known as the “diviner of heaven”. When calling on or speaking to Orunmila he is often “called down”, and is sometimes called with the word “mopeo” which means “I call you”. Orunmila brings the cosmic laws of Orun to earth, as well as governs our ability and gives us thoughts and words of power to connect our consciousness with our higher consciousness.
Due to Orunmila’s position, Ma’at must be discussed as her energy is comparable to that of Orunmila’s. Ma’at’s purpose in the Kemetic paradigm was to maintain balance through the upholding and reaffirming of cosmic law. Her counterpart Tehuti who is the Yoruba Orunmila, had the ability to offer words of power to individual Neter in order to reaffirm and reestablish cosmic or divine principle of knowing their purpose. He maintained balance by the expression of divine knowledge. To understand the science of Orunmila the following is a mythological story of Orunmila:
There was a time when Orunmila was on the planet. He then grew tired, and ascended to Orun. When he left, the humans on the planet no longer had his wisdom and knowledge and consequently became savages. Due to this Olukun decided to flood the planet. to rid the savages. Of the people that were left on the planet, there were some that were able to ascend on a chain ladder that Obatala released and were saved. Those who were righteous (in this context righteous meaning those who had the light, and were walking in it and applying it), those who were exceptional, and those who had the god or goddess gene were able to climb the chain ladder and raise to Orun. The ladder represents transcendental thinking and the righteous were able to transcend the thinking of the masses and reach Orunmila - the concept and energy of all knowing. It is of note that the majority of people were put to sleep. When Orunmila saw this he came back down and taught the people with the assistance of Oduduwa, and they were able to establish civilization.

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Anyone is able to reach Orunmila if they are able to transcend the masses to reach all knowing. If one is seeking enlightenment, they are seeking Orunmila - they want all knowing, they want to transcend. The “flood” is still occurring today as evidenced by the sleeping masses. This is the time for people to ascend the chain link themselves to reach Orunmila. To reach the place of all knowing one has to destroy culture, relationships birthed from what is perceived as culture and forge new culture. One has to create a culture that is individual unique and common to those on the chain link ladder and not a culture that is common to an ethnic group or nationality as it will only force sleep. There must be a culture of truth, reformation, and transformation. When one is trying to get to Orunmila, they are climbing and climbing to become Orunmila. Until one reaches the goal of Orunmila, Esu, the messenger, delivers messages back and forth so that one can get to the place of Orunmila.
The reason to continue to study is so that one can become the Orisha and more. Eventually, with the continuous study of Ifa, a person will be in heaven with Orunmila. The diviner will eventually take on the mind of the oracle. As a note at times Orunmila is referred to as Elere Ipin (the witness to creation) because he saw the creation process when he wasn’t supposed to. He also saw the Ori each individual picked before coming to the planet. Therefore he also knows each individuals destiny, ewa, and character, iwe. It is of note that good character can repair a bad Ori, and bad character can destroy a good Ori. To get to a place where one is all knowing and has divine knowledge, one has to learn, study and research so that they are the knower. If one is a woman, be the wadjet, the bender of energy. If one is a man then become the babalawo of the family. On a final note Orunmila also means the answers to salvation are in heaven.

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Orunmila Blogtalk Radio Broadcast
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