Oduduwa is the power of the womb. Oduduwa represents omnipotency, the ability to affect and reconstruct the physical reality at will.

The energy of Oduduwa is similar to Obatala and Orunmila, and Oduduwa. Like the Olodumare, it is a direct emanation of the Olodumare. Olodumare is not an Orisha; the energy is part of the Yoruba trinity dealing with the energy of the omniscience (Orunmila), omnipresence (Obatala) and omnipotence (Oduduwa). Underneath these is the Orisha e.g. Shango, Oya, Ibeji.  This then means that the Oduduwa is not an Orisha as popularly purported.  The Orisha are energies under one’s disposal with the three faculties of Orunmila, Obatala and Oduduwa found in the person- you.

The name Oduduwa means the black one. ‘O’ is ownership;’ dudu’ is black. The word ‘odu’ also means womb. Thus Oduduwa means the owner of the black womb or the black woman. Oduduwa represents the subconscious, has the ability to transform things, and lives in the dark. Obatala represents the conscience mind, enlightens and lives in light. Obatala and Oduduwa were said to live in a calabash with Obatala living on top while Oduduwa was at the bottom.

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The womb represents the omnipotence because it has the ability to transform any and every thing that it comes in contact with into something bigger or greater than it originally was- or not ‘kill’ it, never amounting to anything. This is the power of the black one. Everything in existence on earth came out of some sort of womb, a tree from the earth, a person, from its mother’s womb.

The expression ‘’the triple blackness’’ of deafness, dumbness and blindness- to the truth that one cannot even understand it when it is presented to one is the bad rap that it is usually associated with. But here is another perspective to the expression which is protection. The womb is a place where one can be isolated from things or situations which can cause harm to one.

The invocation of Oduduwa is simple, take out all light to attain pitch darkness at night and play live music. This will increase your omnipotence and your ability to construct anything into something you want, because you are that powerful in the literal sense.

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Oduduwa Blogtalk Radio Broadcast
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