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“The word “Oba” is typically translated to mean King but is actually an elision of “O” meaning spirit and “Ba” meaning male energy or in metaphysical terms expansive energy. Ancient Afrakans recognized the relationship between sunlight (spirit) and matter as Obatala is illumination.

Obatala is the consciousness of creativity (the epitome of Kuumba) and the wisest of the Orisa.

…..He is the white light which contains all colors and yet transcends them through his ability to objectively put all of their energies in proper perspective. He is the fabric/cloth that binds all things in Nature.”

Excerpt from “Grasping the Root of Divine Power”.

In fact Obatala is not an Orisha but rather an emanation of Oludumare. Obatala is the force of ompnipresence.

The Obatala energy is not an Orisha although it is commonly listed as such. This is a mistake. It is among a different type of entities in the Yoruba tradition than the Orisha entity. Obatala is a direct emanation from Olodumare. There are three major emanations- Oduduwa which represents omnipotence, Orumila which represents the omniscience, Obatala for omnipresence. These three faculties are found within a human being, thus one has the ability of omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience.

The Obatala energy is also known for creativity, solace, meditation. It is a complimentary energy to the Eshu energy, they interoperate with one another. In dealing with the interoperability between Oshu and Obatala, we are dealing with enlightenment (Obatala) and transformation (Eshu). Obatala energy helps the user to come to a place of new knowing, enlightenment which is just as critical as a transformation because through enlightenment one is able to attract attention from the celestial forces which live in the dark. When one increases their capacity to raise their light projection, one becomes more recognizable by spirit beings, more understandable to them. The enlightenment aspect of ones spiritual walk is as critical as the transformation aspect.

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The Olodumare being is the premier energy of anything coming into being. It is the beginning. The Olodumare energy is incomprehensible with the human mind. In order to become comprehensible Olodumare projected itself into forms that are comprehensible to humans. The name Obatala is a combination of two words- ‘oba’- king and ‘tala’- white cloth. The white clothe holds all of existence together. Obatala is the king of orisha because within the white cloth there is every other color.

In carrying out rituals to Obatala, it is the norm to show Obatala what one is offering and then carrying out the ritual from Obatala’s presence. Obatala is associated with are the boa constrictor, the gorilla and the elephant, also mountains.


Rituals that can be performed to invoke or tap into the Obatala energy include milk baths, or just cooling one’s head- thinking one’s way through things, doing affirmations that bring one to a place of stillness. 

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